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Screening of five of the most controversial films of the 20th century. They hurt, they provoke, they make you angry, they are not to everybody's taste. However, they all have artistic merit.


Thursday, 17th May: "Peeping Tom" 7-9 PM

Friday, 18th May: "Deliverance" 7-9 PM

Saturday, 19th May: "Triumph of the Will" 5-7 PM

"Salo" 7-9 PM

Sunday, 20th May : "Happiness" 6-8 PM

The Biscuit Factory, F-Block ,100 Clements Rd

London SE16 4DG

(Corner of Clements Rd and Webster Rd)

Ticket Price: £5.50, limited to 30 seats per screening. Bring your Paypal reciept to collect your tickets at the door.

Fine Line Cinema

Consistently voted one of

the ‘most dangerous movies ever’, it destroyed Michael Powell’s career. It’s a film about the power of film. A young man murders women, using a camera to film the expressions of horror in their dying moments. Controversially, Powell casts a German actor, Karlheinz Bohm, as the killer.

Peeping Tom,1960

Michael Powell,

101 min.